What is VentuRail?

Rental of carriages for railway companies and tour operators

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    Railway Coaches

    Do you want to get a new project on track? Do you temporarily need one or more extra coaches to increase the capacity of your train? Or would you like to supplement your train with a special type of coach? VentuRail has well maintained and approved railway coaches available, which can be deployed quickly, anywhere in Europe.

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    A new railway carriage demands major investment, with a lengthy cost recovery time. Thanks to VentuRail, you do not have to take any risks: simply rent the carriages for as long as you need them.

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    Railway companies

    Railway companies can easily get the carriages they need to raise capacity on a temporary basis, or to test a new route without having to make major investments.

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    Tour operators

    Trains offer lots of opportunities for tour operators, event agencies and associations, who want to organise a one-off trip. VentuRail will work out an excellent solution to transport your travellers from one location to another.

Why contact VentuRail?

  • Swiftly deploy a railway coaches

    Do you temporarily need extra capacity for your train, for either an existing or a new railway connection? If you buy a new railway coache, it can take up to 12 months on average before you can actually deploy the extra capacity. VentuRail will deliver the extra capacity you need a lot faster than that.

  • Avoid investment risks

    You need a big investment to buy a new railway carriage, with a lengthy cost recovery time. When you chose to rent, no big investment is needed.

  • Low threshold for new business opportunities

    Do you want to start a new train route? Do you want to expand an existing railway connection? Our rental option enables you to explore new opportunities at relative low cost, without the need for heavy investment.

  • Railway coache, service included

    VentuRail’s services include much more than simply renting railway coaches. We will make sure that the coaches are delivered at their starting location and, if needed, we can customise the railway coaches to your company’s corporate identity. We can also take care of maintenance.

The VentuRail approach

We provide the railway carriages you need.
We make sure that the carriages are customised to your company’s corporate identity.
We transport the carriages to their starting location.
You use the carriages for as long as you need them.


1. We can also take care of train maintenance:

Daily maintenance: we ensure that the train is completely cleared and cleaned, every day. This way, you will leave a great impression on your passengers.

Technical maintenance: when you rent the carriages for a longer period, we can also take care of technical maintenance.

Repair service: If a defect occurs, we make sure that you get help quickly. When necessary, we will replace your carriage, allowing you to continue at full strength.

2. We can also take care of the necessary interviews and negotiations with railway and infrastructure companies, allowing you to plan your train route without any worries.

Contact us, so we can set your project in motion!

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